What is in this Vermeer Mountain West Borestore truck?

At Vermeer Mountain West, we not only want to sell you quality horizontal directional drill (HDD) equipment and parts, we also want to be a trusted source to help you navigate the best solutions for your jobsite. We’ve made a commitment to help HDD operators get the maximum performance out of their equipment by providing onsite Vermeer Borestore representatives to answer all of your important questions.

Vermeer Mountain West Borestore Representatives are experts in the tools and accessories that are used on horizontal directional drills and are able to consult with customers on the jobsite. 

  • Bore planning
  • Ground conditions
  • Tooling selection
  • Optimizing operator and equipment performance
  • Drilling fluid recommendations
  • Locating questions
  • Productivity tools expertise

In the Vermeer Mountain West Borestore Truck, we have:

Vermeer Reamers

Complementary Products

Drill Bits


Drill Housing

Your Vermeer Mountain West Borestore Representatives