Our training programs are delivered by a professional HDD training specialist in an atmosphere that encourages questions, discussion, and hands-on learning. These programs are designed for your new and existing operators to improve their knowledge and skills by making them safe, confident, and efficient on the jobsite.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has become the most efficient option and the fastest-growing type of equipment used by municipalities, contractors and utility installers.  Vermeer Southwest has the knowledge, curricula and HDD Professionals that can deliver your organization the highest quality training for your directional drill operators and crew members.

We offer a variety of courses to allow you to grow as an HDD Operator and expand your career within the industry.  Find the program that best suits you or your companies needs.


This two-day certificate program is designed for all experience levels and is beneficial for any HDD role such as a crew member looking to advance in their career, a safety person, new operator, or even a manager. Be equipped with more knowledge at your drilling operations to help maximize efficiency. Sign up for an open class or schedule a private class for your employees.


If you are looking to onboard a new drill operator, promote someone or need to be refreshed on the latest Vermeer controls, then the Vermeer HDD Simulator training program is your answer. Hone your skills and sign up today.


When you need hands on training for your whole crew, look no further than the HDD Academy training program. Your crew will be equipped to do more with this comprehensive program that goes from the classroom to the field with a Vermeer HDD Specialist. This is a custom tailored program for your crew to instill best practice techniques to have long term success.


Need an HDD Training Specialist on the jobsite? Our Onsite Training service is a quick fix for getting on demand training when you need it. Our specialist will work hand in hand with your operators to advance productivity and train everyday best practice skills needed to get the job done right every time. Reach out and have an HDD training specialist at your next jobsite.