Vermeer Mountain west is your fecon dealer

October 2023

Fecon has the reputation of having the most durable mulching machines on the market. Take a look at what the Fecon 135VRT Mulching Tractor and Fecon 325VST Tracked Carrier can do for your fleet. 
A day in my life of a Vermeer Mountain West Borestore Rep

Video: Day in the life of a Vermeer Mountain West Borestore Rep: Sam Ashbrook

August 2023

Accompany Sam, a Vermeer Mountain West Borestore representative, as he visits customer jobsites, offering expert assistance with Vermeer tooling and on-site crew training. Gain a deeper understanding of his pivotal role in supporting Horizontal Directional Drilling jobsites…

EL PASO social announcement copy

Exciting News! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming new dealership facility in El Paso, Texas

July 2023

Enhancing Support for Our Valued Customers

El Paso, Texas, Date – Vermeer Mountain West is thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of our new dealership facility in El Paso, Texas, set to arrive in early 2024…

Vermeer Mountain West Mourns the Passing of Our Beloved Team Member, Doyle Wyngarden

March 2023

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of one of our esteemed team members. Doyle Wyngarden, our Corporate Parts Manager based in Tacoma, WA, passed away on the morning of Tuesday, March 22nd, 2023…

Austin Bonnema Elected to The Tree Care Industry Association’s Board of Directors

March 2023

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is pleased to announce that Austin Bonnema was elected to its board of directors. Austin is the vice president of sales for Vermeer Mountain West. TCIA is a trade association of 2,000 tree care firms and affiliate companies established in 1938.

Vermeer Northwest and Vermeer Mountain West Merge

January 2023

Vermeer Northwest and Vermeer Mountain West are joining forces! At the end of 2022, Vermeer Northwest merged with and took the name of Vermeer Mountain West. Combining these two adjacent Vermeer dealership groups creates a contiguous network of 13 locations spanning much of the western United States. By joining forces, both dealership groups will bring equipment expertise and market knowledge to their combined region. Leadership from both dealership groups will continue to be engaged in the business.

In 1990, Doug and Jaci Terpstra left Vermeer Corporation in Pella, Iowa, and founded Vermeer Northwest. Fourteen years later, Tim Weaver joined the business and eventually purchased the successful dealership from Doug, his father-in-law. Along with his veteran team of leaders, he continued to develop Vermeer Northwest’s rich 33-year legacy of customer service.


August 2022

It’s important to identify the trencher’s role on the jobsite. Will it be replacing excavators that had previously done the trenching work? Find out how the trencher will fit with existing equipment and the efficiencies gained by adding it to a jobsite machinery lineup.

Determining the right-sized trencher is dependent on the type of ground conditions the machine be working in. Smaller, lower-horsepower machines are efficient in soft soils, but as the relative hardness of the ground increases, so do the demands on the machine. Trenching harder rock requires more weight and horsepower, and the right trencher will handle the application better.

Before employing a trencher on your next project, you also need to determine whether buying a unit or renting is the right fleet-management decision. If future projects lead you to believe that you’ll be able to keep a trencher busy consistently, outright ownership likely makes economic sense. On the other hand, if you think you will only need a trencher more sporadically or only on select jobs, renting may be a more practical strategy.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should consider using a trencher for your next large-diameter project, visit The Trencher Effect site to learn about all the other benefits a dedicated trencher can deliver on your next trenching job.

Vermeer Southwest acquires Vermeer Rocky Mountain and will become Vermeer Mountain West


Vermeer Southwest has acquired and is combining forces with Vermeer Rocky Mountain to become Vermeer Mountain West. 



Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and auger boring are excellent trenchless installation options for large-diameter utilities and pipelines. However, each has areas where they are superior to the other for specific underground infrastructure projects.

To determine when to employ an HDD rig or auger boring machine, it’s important to understand each trenchless method’s advantages and drawbacks. 



Mining plays a vital role in everyone’s daily lives. The material extracted by surface mining operations creates energy and is used by manufacturers to develop machinery, technology and the infrastructure people use every day. Through continuous surface mining methods, today’s miners are actively taking steps to make mines safer, more sustainable and better neighbors to nearby communities.



Vermeer launched a new digital tool for HDD tooling called the Vermeer RigFitter. This powerful application will help you have confidence that the tooling you’re purchasing is compatible with the equipment you run and the ground conditions you work in.

The Vermeer RigFitter can help you to:

  • Configure an entire drill string from the drive chuck to the drill bit or reamer
  • Configure tooling specific to the ground conditions and bit/reamer cutting size they need
  • Configure the latest tooling products from Vermeer, including the QuickFire® HD connection system and the Ultra X3 drilling system
  • View and purchase accessories unique and specific to their selected drill within the summary page on borestore.com

new vermeer ultra x3 drilling system for utility horizontal directional drills


The Ultra X3 is designed with a unique, non-torqued spline connection system, and it offers compatibility with a wide range of pilot bit and pullback configurations. The Ultra X3 is designed to be ultra-versatile and delivers value and efficiency in three ways:

  1. The ability to swap out tooling quickly with two knock-out dowel pins
  2. The capability of reaming directly from the transmitter housing
  3. The elimination of starter rods and adapters in certain applications

For more information about the new Vermeer Ultra X3 Drilling System, contact your local Vermeer Southwest dealership and visit borestore.com.



Hear from SubSurface HDD LLC as they decided to try something new and start using the  Vermeer QuickFire® HD connection system on their horizontal directional drills (HDD). 

QuickFire® HD starteR rod AND COLLAR + ADAPTER offer


Purchase a new QuickFire® HD starter rod and collar to receive 20% off the corresponding adapter. 

Offer valid through September 30.

Special Financing available on compact articulated loaders

April 2021

Take advantage of this limited time financing on all Vermeer ATX compact articulated loaders.

Distribution agreement with Bron

February 2021

Vermeer Corporation signed a distribution agreement with BRON that gives the manufacturer of utility track plows and plow attachments the right to sell its products through Vermeer industrial dealers worldwide.

Minority equity investmeNT in compact articulated loaders

February 2021

Vermeer Corporation closed on the purchase of a minority equity investment in MultiOne, a leading manufacturer of compact articulated loaders.

World Pipelines

Overcoming the Obstacles

June 2020

Arizona-based HDD experts Southeast Directional Drilling (SEDD) highlight their recent bores on the Northern Natural Gas (NNG) Cedar Station upgrade and the benefits of working with the Vermeer dealer network.


Covid-19 Updates

March 2020

A message to our customers.

The New High-Capacity, Truck-Mounted Vacuum Excavators

February 2020

Vermeer Corporation introduces new line of high-capacity, truck-mounted vacuum excavators.

Vermeer Southwest Expands its Board of Directors

December 2019

Vermeer Southwest welcomes two new board members to gain insight into the current marketplace and operations.

Vermeer XR2 Vacuum Excavator

October 2019

Vermeer Corporation launches innovative XR2 vacuum excavator – new concept in vacuum excavation technology delivers on productivity.

The New Vermeer PD5 Pile Driver

October 2019

Vermeer introduces PD5R and PD5 pile drivers – compact machines that pack a powerful punch.

Vermeer MX300 Mixing System

April 2019

Vermeer introduces the new MX300 mixing system – flexible design made to mix.

Vermeer Southwest Expands

April 2019

Vermeer Southwest opens new dealership location in Tucson, Arizona leading to a re-alignment of its senior management team.  

New SC70TX Stump Cutter

March 2019

Vermeer upgrades line with new SC70TX stump cutter -powerful cutting performance, fast travel speeds and operator presence controls.

Award-winning dealership

December 2018

Vermeer Southwest earns Pinnacle Award.